A smarter way to work with tenants

Create interactive tourbooks in minutes and engage tenants with real-time feedback on any device

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Reclaim your time

Say goodbye to building tedious tourbooks and repeated trips to the office. Quickly access your digital tourbook on any device, with efficiency and organization.


Build trust through collaboration

Work together with your tenants to discover the right space for their business needs. It’s all managed in one place so everyone can track their progress & pick up where they left off.

Find the perfect space faster

Real-Time feedback from your clients allows for an engaged and proactive experience. Leverage the feedback to eliminate spaces and identify the right properties while working from the same tourbook.


Win Your Tenants Over

Set yourself apart from the competition by giving each tenant interaction a personalized look and feel. Creating tourbooks has never been this easy.

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"I’m always looking to equip my team of agents with technology that creates efficiency and produces results. Realstax has replaced an inefficient workflow of creating tourbooks and now powers our entire tourbook process in the cloud. Collaborating with our clients in real-time is a powerful advantage. Realstax is quickly proving to be a valuable asset to our team."

Josh Rowell

Executive Vice President NGKF

"The tourbook blew me away. The ability to collaborate with your client, present sites, narrow down prospective site lists, coordinate tours, etc. through an app is the future of commercial real estate. The time savings and improved communications will help us to keep our clients happy and make more money."

Jon Goldman

Partner Premier Properties

"I am always on the go. Being able to access data and interact with my clients from my phone has been a game changer. Good luck taking Realstax out of my hand!"

Jeff Arrillaga

Executive Managing Director NGKF